Jakob Reiter

Entrepreneur, chief nerd and digital humanist

Jakob Reiter – Who am I

Sawubona friend!
My name is Jakob Reiter and I welcome you to my site. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.
It’s always hard to describe oneself, but I like to believe that four main areas give you a first good glance into “Who am I”:

#Entrepreneur for progress
I am a passionate Startup founder that lives entrepreneurship. I believe that when everyone would look at problems around them, experiments with possible innovations and then builds sustainable business-driven solutions, the world would look a lot different! I therefore truly believe in TheVetury’s slogan: Progress through Entrepreneurship

#Nerd with a heart
I am a Nerd with 15+ year of professional experience. I am native in HTML/CSS/JS and the Web, deep into PHP, NodeJS, Flutter and passionate about everything Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Crypto, Chatbots and even process automation. I guess this earned me the nickname: Chief Nerd.
But I am also a Digital Humanist: I believe that people should not be empowered to learn technology, but that technology must be designed to empower people and put their ethical interests into focus.

#Coach and critical fan
I love working with intelligences – does not matter if it’s carbon or silicon based. All human beings are amazing and unique, and every one of them has something to teach you. But as a good coach you should also be critical, challenge their assumptions and help them reach their own goal.

#Sawubona Yogi
Wonder about the greeting at the top? Sawubona is an ancient Zulu greeting which means: I (we) see you. It’s equivalent to Hello and Namaste. The idea is to greet people by acknowledging their existence and being. And I love that. It ties into my dedication to Mindfulness, Mindful Leadership, Breathing and Yoga.

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