Jakob Reiter

Entrepreneur, chief nerd and digital humanist

Jakob Reiter – Who am I

Sawubona friend!
My name is Jakob Reiter and I welcome you to my site. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.
Trying to describe oneself is almost like biting your own teeth – it’s impossible. But I like to believe that four main areas give you a good first glance into “Who am I”:

Responsible Entrepreneur
I am a passionate Startup founder that embodies entrepreneurial thinking. I believe that when everyone would look at problems around them, experiments with possible innovations and then builds sustainable business-driven solutions, the world would look a lot different! I also believe that business is the main driver that keeps the economy and society at large in full swing. But business is no object or goal in itself, in the end it’s always people over profits.

#Nerd with a heart
I am a Nerd with 15+ year of professional experience. I am a native Web citizen, deep into PHP, NodeJS, Flutter and passionate about everything Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Crypto, Chatbots and whatever is the current new hype. I guess this earned me the nickname: Chief Nerd.
But I am also a Digital Humanist: I believe that people should not be forced to use technology, but that technology must be designed to empower people and put their ethical interests and natural behaviour into focus.

#Coach and critical fan
I love working with intelligences – does not matter if it’s carbon or silicon based. All human beings are amazing and unique, and every one of them has something to teach you. But as a good coach you should also be critical, challenge assumptions, align interests, and help them reach their goal.

#Sawubona Yogi
Wonder about the greeting at the top? Sawubona is an ancient Zulu greeting which means: I (we) see you. It’s equivalent to Hello and Namaste. The idea is to greet people by acknowledging their existence and being. And I love that. It ties into my dedication to Mindfulness, Mindful Leadership, Breathwork and Yoga.

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